“Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food”
– Hippocrates

Fresh Ingredients

Meticulously selected Olive Oil Grille will only provide you with the freshest, most wholesome and all natural ingredients. We aim for our products to be of the highest quality, antibiotic and hormone free. Whenever achievable, we source from neighboring farmers and ranchers to nourish you with sublime flavors while using local seasonal products. Our belief, in freshness, is so strong that Olive Oil Grille will never have a freezer nor will we ever use a fryer.

Olive Oil Grille News

Olive Oil Grille, Founded 2019

Olive Oil Grille
71 Erford Rd.
Camp Hill, PA 17011

Olive Oil Grille is your original Mediterranean Fast Casual Restaurant located in Camp Hill, PA.

Two brothers got together, creating this concept as they realized that the local community was looking for a healthy way of eating without compromising in freshness or flavor. And thus, Olive Oil Grille was born.

We are amazingly proud to provide you with fresh, local ingredients so you can create the dish you desire while settling only for the best.

(717) 761-4455

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday: 10:30AM- 8PM
Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED